Coliving & Coworking

A small and peaceful farm in northern Portugal.

We are passionate about Nature and after working remotely from all around the world for several years we decided to create a place where we can find the perfect balance between work and nature.

The Nomad Farm is not a hotel nor a guest house. It's a family house and everyone staying here is treated as a friend and family member.

Working remotely can get lonely and we feel that by working and living in such a peaceful and relaxed environment we can be more productive and create better connections with others who join us to either work or to relax.

The Property

Coliving Farm

The property features a lovely green garden, farm animals, mini swimming pool, vegetable garden, BBQ Firepit and lots of outdoor spaces to chill and relax.
Just 5 minutes from the town of Barcelos, the farm is quiet and peaceful while being close enough to all the necessary commodities.

Work Time

Coworking Space

Our Coworking Space is the perfect area to focus on work and get things done. The main coworking space has 2 big rooms where you can work and an outdoor area if you prefer to work among nature. We have fiber internet all around the farm with speeds averaging 80Mbps.


Our Rooms

The house has two rooms where you can stay. One is a 30sqm shared room with 3 comfy beds and the other one is a private room perfect for a couple or two friends.

Let's Eat

Cooking & Food

We usually buy in bulk at the Local Market and share the costs by everyone. Most of the times we cook and eat together. The main kitchen is inside but when the sun is out we use the outdoor kitchen and the BBQ area. We grow our own vegetables and fruits and share them with everyone

Prices & Packages

Details about the prices and what we have to offer during your stay at the farm

Photo Gallery

Photos of the property and what goes around on a daily basis

Farm Details

Details about the location, surrounding area and why you should pay us a visit

The Nomad Farm

What's going on

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